Cruise Cupcake

When a big thing gets a miniaturized form, the look becomes cute. Let’s suppose you get to see a cruise ship sitting on a cute little cupcake, how will you feel? The Cruise Cupcake has a bright, handcrafted fondant ship sitting on a mound of vanilla buttercream. The frosting has been done in simple swirls which have provided the perfect base to the ship. A vanilla cupcake is holding the whole thing together. This cruise ship is a good example of mastery with fondant and what it can achieve. It is sheer brilliance in terms of visual appeal and is a delicious treat.

By clevercupcakes

Lainie and her son Miro are living a location independent lifestyle, slow traveling around the globe, living in the present, staying inspired, participating as a global citizen, volunteering and choosing to experience in the world without fear.

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— Oh yeah, Lainie & Miro both obsess over cupcakes!!

Lainie LIberti – who has written posts on Super Happy Cupcakes.

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